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FireBrick® is a range of innovative, flexible network appliances imagined, designed, developed, programmed, built and supported in the UK. Utilised in many situations, from the core networks of broadband providers and VoIP operators, to the networks of technically adept home users, the FireBrick offers features and value not seen in other devices.

The Models

FB2900 Series

Our office product. Capable of routing approx 750Mbits/sec - ideal for leased lines, multiple bonded DSL circuits or similar. Of interest in a commercial setting, the unit also has SIP PBX, IPSec VPN and traffic shaping functionality; an ideal all rounder for your office. AC and DC power options.

RRP: £500 (Base). £550 (Full)

FB9000 Series

New model, available to order
Higher specification replacement of the FB6000. 10Gb/s, SFP+, ports (dual, for redundancy), 8x 1Gb/s SFP ports. Dual power inlet, 1U, low power consumption. Wide feature set including being an ideal LNS for small/medium-sized ISPs. L2TP, IoT, LNS, BGP etc.

RRP: £7,500

Problem Solver


Can FireBrick help solve your network problems?

The FireBrick is very versatile, and has been used in many creative ways to help solve network related challenges. From bonding tunnels between locations to monitoring remote networks to being used in backpacks or road-side furniture powered by DC.

Feel free to get in touch with us and we can see if FireBrick is the right solution for you.

Our FB6000 series of routers are end of life, but are still supported.

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