Help & Support

All technical suppport for FireBrick products is through the reseller from whom you purchased your FireBrick. We provide extensive training and support to our resellers and you will find them experts in FireBrick products.

Getting Support

  1. Manuals & Guides
    Take a look at the Getting Started page, the Quick Start Guide, Manuals and the Knowledge base articles

  2. Contact your reseller
    Please ensure you have read the manuals, and have upgraded your FireBrick to the latest firmware.

  3. Contact FireBrick Directly.
    If you are not satisfied with the support you are getting from your reseller, please contact us.

FireBrick Support


View and download the latest manuals.

Quick Start Guide

View and download the latest Quick start guide.

Knowledge base

In addition to the Manuals, we have a number of articles about various aspects of the FireBrick.

Bug reports and feature requests

If you wish to register a bug report or feature request on any FireBrick products, please contact support.

Mailing lists

We have a number of low volume mailing list, see

Security & vulnerability reports

If you believe you have found a security issue with FireBrick products or our service, please notify as soon as possible. We will take steps to investigate and rectify any problems and will get back to you within a business day.

Hardware maintenance

FireBricks come with a five year return to factory warranty. As many products are critical components in customers network operations we strongly recommend purchasing an additional support contract. For core network routers even a few hours of outage would be an issue and in such cases we strongly recommend operating two routers with router redundancy and fall-back configurations.

Sales & Dealer Enquiries

phone 01344 400 500
Mon - Fri, 9am-5pm,
calls are recorded
sms 01344 400 500

Support Contact

phone 01344 400 500
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm,
calls are recorded
sms 01344 400 500