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FireBrick FB2900

The FB2900 is the latest generation of FireBrick network appliances designed primarily to provide a complete Internet connection gateway for offices. Featuring fallback and line bonding, IPv4 & IPv6 firewalling, port mapping, and traffic shaping and a variety of VPN options including IPsec with IKEv2, it can even operate as a VoIP phone system (PBX) providing a range of features for an office. The FB2900 is equally at home in an Office environment or in a telephone exchange acting as a small BRAS or LNS.

FB 2900 dual

Key features overview

Physical Features

  • Four copper 10/100/1000Mb/s
  • One SFP gigabit Ethernet port
  • One USB port (for 3G/4G dongle)
  • Optional rack/wall mount kit
  • AC and DC power options (extra cost)
  • Low power consumption and no moving parts

Connectivity Features

  • PPPoE client
  • Fallback, bonding & fail-over logic
  • 3G / 4G dongle support
  • Traffic shaping
  • Much more...

Advanced Features

  • IPsec VPN (IKEv2)
  • L2TP client/server support
  • ACME, BGP, OSPF, SFLOW, MQTT, flexible routing rules and more

Read more about the features

Example use cases

  • Office leased line Router
  • Office PABX
  • 'RAID 1' style bonding of mobile data with HA L2TP
  • Bonding DSL
  • Mini BRAS for terminating DSL
  • Ethernet tunnelling between sites
  • Ping monitoring remote devices
  • Traffic shaping tenants in shared office

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FB2900 Base

RRP: £500 +VAT

  • Firewall
  • Router
  • VLAN
  • VRRP
  • PPPoE
  • DHCP Server/Client/Relay
  • IPv6

FB2900 Fully Loaded

RRP: £550 +VAT

  • Firewall
  • Router
  • VLAN
  • VRRP
  • PPPoE
  • DHCP Server/Client/Relay
  • IPv6
  • Bonding/Load Sharing
  • Tunnels: FB105, IPSec, L2TP
  • BGP (Full table)
  • L2TP Server
  • PPPoE Server

Take one for a spin

You can take a FireBrick for a spin, log in to a real FB2900 at:

You are welcome to log in and make any changes you wish. The demo user is restricted to only doing a 'TEST' save of the config - this means the config will revert back to our default after 5 minutes. Find out more.

Spin the FireBrick.

Rack & wall mount kit

The optional rack and wall mount kit allows single or dual FireBrick FB2900s to be mounted in a rack or on a wall in a variety of ways, find out more on the news page.

Rack mount kit

Power Supply Options

The FB2900 has a standard IEC C7 (Figure 8) power connector for mains power, but also available are two DC versions:

  • Automotive, 12V-24V DC (Model: FB2900A)
  • Telco 48V DC (Model FB2900T)

Both of the DC versions use an "Anderson Powerpole" connector and come complete with the corresponding plug and 5m length of wire. See: Measuring power usage for the FB2900-A. DC versions do have a higher cost, get in touch for a quote.

Anderson Power Pole and lead

FB2900 PSU Options

Base -vs- Fully Loaded

The hardware platform is identical between the two variants of the product. This means it is possible to upgrade remotely from Base to Fully Loaded. The differences in the feature sets are listed above, but the most common usage case where Fully Loaded is required is where the site needs line bonding.

2900 cables lots

Warranty and Software Updates

The FB2900 has a 5 year warranty.

Software upgrades are free to download for the life of the product.

Case Studies

You can find more examples on the Case Studies page.

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