News & Blog: FB2900 Release

FB2900 Launched, & Price reduction

FB2900 Release

The FireBrick team is proud to launch the FB2900!



New Features

After several years of development, and having now passed conformity testing for EMC and safety (enabling the unit to carry the all-important CE Mark), we are pleased and proud to announce the launch of our latest FireBrick model, the FB2900.

The FB2900 is the successor to the FB2700, with redesigned main board, Power supply board. Using faster CPU and including an physical port in the form of an SFP carrier. Throughput has been measured at 750Mb/s making this ideal for Today's FTTC and FTTP connected premises.

We expect to see FB2900s used not only as office routers, but as part of larger projects in telephone exchanges, road-side cabinets and even mobile in outside broadcast / satellite communication vehicles. In line with this expectation, we are launching some new hardware options such as an official rack mount kit (enabling one, or two side-by-side, in a 1U space), and two additional variants of power supply: Automotive grade and Telco (-48VDC).

New Prices

With the introduction of the FB2900 we have have been able to not only redesign the hardware completely but also reduce the RRP price and the Dealer price accordingly.

Base model: £500 +VAT

Fully loaded: £550 +VAT

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