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New in v1.48 : Let's Encrypt & ACME support

Software release highlights

Software version 1.48 has been released and among other things this brings ACME support. ACME (Automated Certificate Management Environment) is a protocol used with certificate authorities to verify your domain name and to issue a certificate for it.

In practice, this means that your FireBrick can be told a couple of bits of information (its hostname and your email address) and it will automatically obtain and keep a certificate renewed.

By default a FireBrick will use Let's Encrypt, but this can be changed in the configuration to work with other certificate authorities.

Once the FireBrick is managing a certificate then this can be used for its own HTTPS web interface and IPSec clients.

This feature has been added to all the currently supported models: FB2500, FB2700, FB2900, and the FB6000 series.

https on FireBrick

Get started

Enable SSL for the web interface

  1. First, you’ll need to ensure you have a hostname in DNS pointing to your FireBrick’s public IP address.

  2. Go to: Config - Edit - Setup - System Settings [Edit].
    Enter in the acme-hostname (The hostname of your FireBrick) and acme-terms-agreed-email (your email address).

  3. Save the settings, you're done!
    Go to: Config - Certificates You should see your certificate being progressed. Then, access your FireBrick using the hostname over https.

Software Timeline

A timeline of software releases since version 1.00 of the FB2x00 series through to today. Use your mouse to zoom and scroll.

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