A retro-fit kit available free to all FB2700 and FB2500 owners

Announcing: Redesigned PSU for FB2700 / FB2500


Retro-fit PSU kit

Today, Monday 18th November 2019, we are formally announcing the availability of a retro-fit kit of a new design of PSU for the FB2700 and FB2500.

As many FB2500/2700 owners will be aware, the reliability of the original arrangement PSU has been below what we would have wished for. As such, and even though the FB2x00 is out of production and 'end of life', we are making available a kit for retro-fitting that puts a PSU similar in design to that of the newer FB2900 into the older model. We believe this will resolve the PSU issues once and for all.

To request a kit, please email 2700psu@firebrick.co.uk including the serial number of your FireBrick, and the address to which you'd like the kit sent. The kit is being made available free of charge.

A technical blog is also available, explaining the technical details and business rationale of this, perhaps unusual, move.

Instruction sheet: FB2700NewPowerInstallA5.pdf

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