New in v 1.51

Software release highlights

Version 1.51 (Davies) brings many small changes but the main new feature is an NTP server. FireBrick can now sync its own clock with NTP servers and also serve time to your local devices. There is already a FB2900 as part of the UK NTP pool and is helping serve time to thousands of clients.

Release notes from Factory release 1.50.000 (Culbertson) to Factory release 1.51.000 (Davies)


  • BGP memory usage adjustments, means FB2900 can take full table now.
  • Added AS-Path checks to BGP route filtering


  • Renamed log-panic to log-support, as we may log other unusual events to fb-support and not just stack trace / panics


  • Revert minor change in DHCP/DNS which was causing problems


  • Some minor optimisations


  • Adjustments to ICMP logic for trace route though L2TP
  • Various performance enhancements
  • Local config for L2TP relay now allows relay via another table (payload-table)
  • Fix missing TID in L2TP tunnel status page
  • L2TP session xml url checking number is only number


  • Additional direct log-panic logging to try and find specific issue in recent code.


  • Restructure client with minor improvements prior to introduction of full NTP server
  • NTP server introduced. Early release - may not be stable.
  • Support clients using older versions of NTP protocol
  • DHCP serves FireBrick IP for NTP now (unless otherwise set in DHCP config)
  • Minor fixes, and a change to maxpoll and minpoll to use duration in config.
  • Various minor updates on NTP
  • Further NTP bugfixes, including earlier setting of system time.
  • Further improvement to NTP system clock conditioning
  • Improve NTP status message on main status page
  • Added UI status page and CLI status; other minor improvements
  • Improved status output
  • Fix crash when adding/removing time service in config
  • Yet more UI status improvements
  • NTP time adjustments are now applied smoothly by OS time conditioning
  • Improved access checking
  • NTP control (ntpq) access now defaults to true. UI diagnostic access check page was not displaying correct details for NTP.
  • Fixed possible crash after peer drop
  • Fix problem with time quickstep (mainly showing on 2700)
  • Fix NTP status erroneously reported as Acquiring after config change. Improve NTP server stateup/shutdown.


  • Minor changes to boot time calculation
  • Avoid boot time appearing negative when time is adjusted


  • Added ping size option to bulk ping logic (+size after IP and #table)


  • pd-interface default on PPPoE excludes interfaces marked wan


  • ERX-Tunnel-Switch-Profile untagged even in tagged responses (for Talk Talk working)

Session tracking

  • Change to logic for set-graph-dynamic which was not setting speeds based on set-graph but on set-reverse-graph.
  • Edge case in use of NAT-PMP/PCP causing crash, fixed


  • Shared shaper changed to allow > 4Gb/s total (new version, so all sharing systems need update at same time)


  • Catch some edge cases in session tracking shaper set up that seem to cause a crash


  • Minor tweaks to UI colouring. Ping/Traceroute display is banded for better visibility.
  • Fix typo in UI on TCP stress test page.
  • Fixed NTP status submenu highlighting
  • Improve page layout when left-hand menu pane is tall


  • Fix problem with USB reuse


  • Some final tweaks before being ready for next release

Web config

  • Profile page layout tweaked

Web control pages

  • Live update of uptime, time, and RAM usage in status page
  • Minor change to way status web page shows

Software Timeline

A timeline of software releases since version 1.00 of the FB2x00 series through to today. Use your mouse to zoom and scroll.

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