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FB2900 & FB6202 in an ISP

The Challenge

Internet Central, (an ISP) needed to update its L2TP broadband solution. They had aging Cisco broadband equipment which was at or near capacity for national ethernet and there was separate system of BRAS and L2TP termination for the WISP elements, again Cisco and ageing.


The Solution

Initially a pair of FB6002s were installed as L2TP termination devices on a new network with externally facing routers to do the eBGP with multiple wholesale providers.

Later FB2900 devices were added to run as BRAS for LLU FTTx, WISP and direct connect ppp broadband in business parks.

The Bricks have the great advantage of accurately ensuring that bandwidth fits in the agreed limits set by BTW for example. The advantage is that in the event of a bandwidth usage spike the shaping from the Bricks is end user friendly in that it keeps real time applications running – so IP telephone calls are unaffected. This is not the case if BTW perform the shaping. For this one reason it the Bricks paid for themselves in terms of increased customer satisfaction.

More Info

Although this is BRAS and L2TP implementation, the flexibility offered by the Bricks allows the ISP to:

  • control the whole system with Radius
  • steer L2TP tunnels from any source to wholesale customers of the ISP
  • offer increased service by checking graph scores and automatically flagging up failing broadband services
  • bond circuits as needed
  • offer better information to customers (connection graphs)
  • control the bandwidth to WISP customers by shaping based on Radius attributes
  • the ability to steer the tunnels between L2TP endpoints allows for easy software updates

ic case study

Features Used



PPP server to support the end customer routers

Tunnels (100)

L2TP Tunnels

Using the FB2900 as an L2TP client, it's able to connect through L2 VPLS circuits to the central FB6202 units.

Using the FB6202 as an L2TP termination, they have visibility of all the external BGP from BTW and other providers and provide the termination of IPv4 and IPv6 for customers.

(All the network diagrams on these case study pages are very rough representations and are not an accurate representation of live networks)

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