FireBrick FB2700

The FB2700 is no longer available for new supply. Please look at the FB2900 as an alternative.

Software updates, including new features, are still being added.


Software updates and change information can be found on the Software page.


There are quick start guides and full user manuals available.

The FB2700 is a hardware firewall/router. It provides a wide range of features for the small/medium business market. Its main role is as the gateway between your internet connection (DSL router/modem, FTTC, FTTP, leased line, etc) and your office network. It provides firewall functions stopping any unwanted direct connections in to your network, but it has many more features which are invaluable to small businesses.

New router for a new generation of internet protocol

With the demise of the old internet (IPv4) companies are having to work out how to get their office network on to the current internet protocols (IPv6). Without this they will find increasing problems with access to parts of the internet as well as more of more of the usual issues with Network Address Translation (NAT). IPv6 provides a means to have real IP addresses on your network with the FireBrick providing firewalling and control that you need. Even if your internet provider does not support IPv6 yet (and you should really find a new one if that is the case) you can gain most of the advantages of IPv6 using the FireBrick as your network gateway.

Basic and Fully loaded

Just like the FB2500, there are two models of FB2700.

  • Basic: Includes firewall, router, VLAN support, VRRP, PPPoE for DSL/fibre internet links, DHCP server and client. Fully IPv6 support.
  • Full loaded: Includes bonding features (load sharing, and multiple line PPPoE, etc), FB105 tunnel protocol to allow VPNs to be created, BGP (limited table), L2TP server, and PPPoE server.

Much more than a firewall

  • High speed routing suitable for Fibre to Cabinet and Fibre to Premises, as well as bonding multiple high speed lines.
  • Current internet protocols (IPv6) built in to the design from the start, not an afterthought
  • Full ICMP and ICMPv6 aware stateful session tracking
  • Powerful web interface for ease of use
  • Command line interface for easy remote diagnostics
  • Interface packet dump compatible with tcpdump and wireshark
  • Comprehensive firewalling rules using interfaces, protocols, and ports, source and target.
  • State/profile control system allowing operations to be automatically controlled based on monitoring and pings and times of day
  • Port and IP mapping including basic NAT, and mapping between IPv4 and IPv6 with ICMP and ICMPv6 handling
  • Multiple VLAN operation allowing DMZ and segregated networks
  • Easy to use web based config editor built in
  • Complete XML based config file with published XSD schema allowing scripted configuration
  • Simple deployment of IPv6 on an office network, whether 6to4 (2002::) or tunnelled block from ISP or native IPv6
  • Powerful DHCP server as well as IPv6 route announcement for simple control of an office network
  • Syslog logging (windows servers are available) and SNMP monitoring
  • PPPoE client allowing use with FTTC, FTTP and and PPP bridge DSL routers and even optional PPP per packet bonding
  • Optional bonding features for multiple line and fallback operation.
  • Optional Industry standard Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) allowing multiple device fallback
  • Optional routing features for multi-homed installations using BGP
  • Optional tunnelling features for L2TP, FireBrick 105 tunnels and later IPSec VPNs


We have tried to keep the models simple, you can either buy the base model or the full loaded model.

The base model has all of the core functions providing routing and firewalling and DHCP server and 3G dongle support.

The fully loaded also has a limited BGP capability, L2TP server, PPPoE server (acting as a BRAS), bonding (VRRP, L2TP, PPP, gateway) and FB105 tunnels.

As an alternative, the FB2500 provides most of the same options at a lower price. It is only capable of 100Mb/s throughput total (both ways added) and does not offer 3G backup.

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